Chris Pig is an Italian photographer based in London since the early 1990's.

Growing up around cameras has had a profound effect on her and is why she is drawn to using photography to create her stylish work.

Slightly shy and a bit of an introvert, she heavily relies on photographs to express her opinions and frustrations.

Having a tongue in cheek approach to life along with the ability to diffuse any heated situations with a smile or a joke, a good sense of humour is very important to her.

She has been influenced by 1940’s and 1950’s movies and by the Hollywood golden era of cinema, with its beautiful costumes and divas.

Having a background in fashion and tailoring, she makes most of the costumes or sources the vintage clothes herself along with the props.

 Her pictures are heavily staged and usually very colourful with a lot of props and a vintage feel. Sometimes the works she creates, shows a darker side of emotions and personality. 

Her photographs tackle issues that are personal to her and very close to her heart, like homophobia and bullying. Greed, money and politics, the environment, and poverty are also issues close  to her heart, along with  anything that limits other people’s freedom. 

Photography is a very powerful and important weapon and as an artist she believes she has the duty to use it to spread awareness of social issues.

Exhibitions and Awards

February/March 2024

Solo exhibition at Gallery 1885 @The Camera Club London - Kennington

February 2024

Shortlisted LCE photographer of the year 2024

July 2023

Solo Exhibition, curated by Roberta Vanali, Temporary Storing - Fondazione per l'arte Bartoli-Felter, Cagliari, Italy

July 2023
Shortlisted, International Photography Exhibition 165, The Royal Photographic Society

November 2022
Winner of Edition 365 of The British Journal of Photography

April 2022
Ruskin Gallery, Camden, part of Lowes Dickinson Price group exhibition

May 2022
Felt Photographic Gallery group exhibition

November 2021

Winner of Edition 365 of The British Journal of Photography.

also featured as NFT’s in collaboration with Open sea

November 2021

Group exhibition of a selection from ‘Our Dystopian Present’ with the TAOI collective at ‘House of Annetta’, Brick Lane, London

July 2021

Winner of artist of the month ‘July 2021 Pride’, Art from Heart

March 2021

Featured at the Ruskin gallery, Camden Town, London as part of the LGBTQIA+ history month

May 2021

Extended online exhibition with the TAOI collective ‘The space in between’, worldwide

April 2021

Group exhibition with the TAOI collective ‘The space in between’ at 54 Gallery, Mayfair, London

January 2021

Online group exhibition with the TAOI collective ‘New Beginnings’, worldwide

October 2020

Group exhibition ‘The art of Isolation’ at ‘Espacio Gallery’, Bethnal Green, London

September 2020

Solo exhibition, ‘Isolation Portraits’ hosted by Yaqqu, Cagliari

June 2020

Selection form ‘Isolation Portraits’ featured in perpetual exhibition at the Houston Centre for Photography, Texas, USA

June 2020

Winner of the Lowes Dickinson Price in the photography section at the Ruskin Gallery, Camden Town, London

April 2020

Online feature of ‘Isolation Portraits’ in the ‘Photography Movement’ page as part of their online exhibition, London

April 2020

Selection from ‘Isolation Portraits’ published on a 2 page spread in the PhotoPlus magazine

in May 2020 issue (also in the online edition), worldwide

April 2020

Online feature of ‘Isolation Portraits’ on ‘Portraits of isolation’ site, London

April 2020

Online feature of ‘Isolation Portrait’ on ‘NOC’ page as part of ‘Quarantina’ collection. Milan

April 2020

Online feature of 'Isolation Portraits’ on ‘May Mask’  online page. Cagliari